Everything about the immunity


Annually, on the 1st of March, following the initiative of the World Health Organization is celebrated the World Immune Day, the aim of which is to remind the problems related to various immune diseases as well as protective measures to be kept to preserve and boost the immune system.

Immunity is a body’s ability to resist and to be released from multiple adverse factors, which, affecting the organism, cause a number of various diseases, as well as substances carrying foreign genetic information.

The immune system is a byword to a defense borderline, which protects the organism against everything xenogenius. If the immune system functions flawlessly, a human being shall not be afraid of any disease.

The immune system partially depends on genetics as it actually begins to form in the womb, while another 50% is being influenced by a lifestyle. Three pillars, on which the immune system is being sustained, is healthy sleep, physical activity and balanced diet. Generally, a human being starts to think over its bolstering only once he or she suffers tough illness, while its occurrence itself evidences immunodeficiency.

Thus, it is of high importance for everyone to protect his or her health as well as to strengthen the immune system, in particular, in the off-season, when our organism needs protection most. Besides, those who you have already suffered from a ARVI, influenza or are just physically active, should also take care of their immunity.


The immune system, as any other system of the body, requires “fuel” for its effective functioning. If an organism does not receive the necessary nutritive substances, it may lead to weaken resistance against a number of infections, in particular, the viral ones, for instance – cold-related diseases and influenza.


Immune system malfunctions signs

Frequent illnesses, a prolonged elevated temperature, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain in the joints and muscles, sleep disorders, frequent headache, skin irritation – these are the symptoms of malfunction of the immune system, which are the signals to start strengthen the protective body’s defense or even to see a doctor.


What is the solution?

Common MD (therapists, pediatricians) consider that is it very important to take medicines as a preventative measure to boost the immunity.

However, immunologists have proven, that is practically impossible to boost the immunity of a healthy individual by taking medicines. This stems from the fact that the medicines prescribed for boosting the immune system are focused only on the sick persons and only within a complex of medicines for a particular illness. Thus, no one can ever “save” his or her health for the future, nevertheless it is possible to harm yourself. It will result in a worse effect than in increased wellbeing.

Literally almost every one does know that development of resistance to the cold boosts the immune system, and rightly so, but when an organism is constantly lacking nutritive substances, in particular the C,A,E vitamins as well Zinc and Selenium minerals, definitely his or her immune system fails to be a normal one, even provided your constant being in an ice-hole. However, cold training will not enrich your organism with the following antioxidants: vitamins C, A,E, Zinc and Selenium minerals. They can be received while taking meal though, but the problem is that the number of persons who eat in such quantities and variety, which are able to provide the body with all necessary substances.

What can help to boost our immune system?

You may restore and support the immune system via special immunostimulators, such as PROFILAKTONE.

PROFILACTONE is composed of the Greenland shark liver oil, which is rich in alkylglycerol, A, D, E, C vitamins and zinc and selenium minerals well known for their immunostimulating properties.

According to a number of surveys, shark liver oil may be used to prevent viral diseases (such as influenza and ARVI) and bacterial infections. In small numbers, alkylglycerol is also found in our body. It is well known that the substance is contained in human milk (about 0, 01%), protecting the baby until his or her own immune system is completely formed. Alkylglycerol is also contained in the spleen and bone marrow. Small amount of alkylglycerol is present in shark liver oil – about 20%.

Save for alkylglycerol, shark liver oil contains lipid soludable vitamins A, D, E, vitamin C and minerals Zinc and Selenium. Combined, these substances provide for antioxidant protection for the whole organism, contributing to the reduction of intoxication of the body, that is essential when a person is weak to fight infections. While suffering ARD or ARVI, free radicals multiply and “magnet” healthy cells’ electrons, frequently causing their deaths, violating the immune system’s functioning. In such cases, an additional use of antioxidants provides for neutralizing of free radicals as both vitamins and minerals release their electrons, while the body’s cells do not suffer.

That is, the PROFILAKTONE active components– alkylglycerol, vitamins and minerals – are capable to function following one direction: for the benefit of the immune system

Only the integrated approach will be effective and resistant

Health – is a phenomenon which is being appreciated when lost. Nevertheless, we have to learn how to appreciate it before we have lost it, right? It is better to be healthy and rich than poor and ill. We have to think over our insight regarding our health and take one more preventative measure instead of going to the hospital.

And finally, a reasonable person always seeks for and finds a number of opportunities to solve health problems, while PROFILAKTONE is an unmatched assistant in doing so!